The Princess is Back

19 Jul

I’m back! And so excited to be raping wallets again. I have been busy with school, and enjoying my summer. I promise to update more for you losers. It’s so pathetic how many of you were eager to talk to me when I logged back onto my Yahoo Messenger account. It’s almost like you’ve been waiting 8 months for me to come back. LMFAO.

I turned on my Niteflirt account yesterday and had fun raping this losers wallet. He always chickens out after I raise the price. Then I have to block him and make him tribute me to unblock him. So hilarious.

Oh and I have a new random trying to claim himself as my pet. Excuse me?!

FYI LOSERS: A $30 tribute does NOT make you my pet. This is what I told his stupid ass.

What the fuck? Who uses the word “creepaleap”? Hahahahhaha.

Oh and…I sent him a payment request for using my name in his screename without permission. HAha~!

– Princess Liz

Clips4Sale Store

24 Oct

My clips4sale store is now open. ¬†Go buy up my clips and get addicted losers. I’m still in the process of editing some new clips for all of you foot addicts and lots of ass worship clips, so stay tuned. They should be up there by the end of this weekend. I know you have nothing BETTER to do.

-Princess Liz

Amazon decided to quit being lame!

21 Oct

Hey losers! You missed me didn’t ya?

So the account supervisor at Amazon unfroze all of my accounts that I had gift cards on because I think he was a closet piggy! I explained to him that I was a financial domme and he said he was “very familiar” with it. So my amazon account is unfrozen and you can buy me gifts now! A lot of you losers have been going crazy with buying me stuff and gift cards. Look at all the stuff thats been purchased so far!
Here is the new Amazon wishlist. (best way to get my attention, btw)

I have also gotten a few things from my list for shoots for my new and upcoming clips4sale store, which should be open this week since I finally got my new flipcam today! I will be making lots of crazy random videos so be sure to check it out when it’s ready, I know you losers are wanking you pathetic cocks in anticipation.

I do however need some ideas with clips, so if you have any you’d like to contribute since I know your loser ass has bought clips before, you have permission to message me on Yahoo at WorshipLiz.

Here is my proof video! I am a bit camera shy because I can’t quit laughing at how pathetic you all are, but I’m sure you wankers will get a kick out of it!

Well I’m out! Get to work on my wishlist, and if you have any ideas I’m on yahoo now (worshipliz) shitheads.

Princess Elizabeth


9 Oct

Oh gosh I love Teamviewer. It is seriously my new favorite thing in the world. Today ChickenShit had to get drunk before he calld my cam line becasue he always too scared and signs out of Teamviewer because he knows how powerful I am. He finally called my cam line and watched me talk about how I loved being in control of his computer and how much of a loser he was for $10 a minute. And then I tributed myself $75 for my perfection and amazing tits. He (I) spent $150 on myself in a matter of minutes. Cha-ching!

Some of my recent Teamviewer niteflirt feedback, all left by Yours Truly

Go to my Niteflirt page here losers if you aren’t too scared!

– Princess Liz


9 Oct

As most of you should know by now, Amazon has frozen all of my accounts. Princess is REALLY NOT HAPPY because she needs a new computer. I will however be getting a new PO box so you losers can send me money directly and buy buy buy away! 
You can tribute via amazon by sending giftcards to and I will just use them when I get my PO box, or Paypal at and obviously, NITEFLIRT.

Stay tuned bitches


9 Oct

It’s been a while, losers. Maybe because I don’t have time in my princess day to deal with all of your dumbasses.
First of all heres my proof pic for all you bitches that don’t believe it’s really me

Here’s a little bit of what I’ve been up to…

Some loser cuck sent me this video after tributing $145 for me and my boyfriend to go out and have a fabulous time. HAHAHA So I uploaded it to YouTube to show the world what a pathetic loser he really is!
Me and my boyfriend did have a wonderful time while you losers were sitting at home drooling over my pictures, however it did result in a wicked hangover. Princess is NOT happy.

My weekend, and drunkasses lol

27 Sep

Well I had an amazing weekend unlike most of you all. I went out to one of my favorite karaoke bars with some old friends I haven’t seen in forever. We partied all night and didn’t pass out until like six in the morning after going to a jazz club and drinking some more afterhours. I had a better time than most of you losers had sitting at home fapping over my pics, lol.

Anyways, my website is almost done. I have been sick / hungover so haven’t been doing much lately. Allergies are kicking my ass!

Some loser slut instant messaged me and I decided to play a  little game with him. By the time I was done, he had drank a whole fifth of whiskey and I was on Team Viewer with him transferring money from his bank account and sending myself gift card after gift card from amazon.

Then he told me his “secret”… that he likes to dress up like a woman, and wishes he was as beautiful as me, I was dying laughing. Holy shit. It was the most hilarious thing ever what losers say when they’re fucked up.

Oh closet sissies say the darndest things when they’re fucked up!

Wanna get my attention?
Go to my NiteFlirt page and tribute me,
or buy me something off my Amazon Wishlist
I’m out. My new website will be up in a couple of days. Bye bitches!